Customize Your Way with ColorOS

Customize Your Way with ColorOS

Mobile devices are basically personal computers in your pocket. Here at OPPO, we believe the emphasis should be on personal. Your phone should feel like it's yours, customized whichever way you want.

One of the hallmarks of Android devices has always been customization, and ColorOS from OPPO is no exception. That's why the latest iteration, ColorOS14, comes jampacked with features designed to let you use your device your way.

Sounds of waves or rustling leaves? Light or Dark Mode? Tidy your home screen or embrace the chaos? There are so many options to choose from, so read on to see how you can brighten up your smartphone experience.

Sound Your Way

Listen to this: ColorOS 14 comes loaded with ten sets of Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and seven Global UI Sound Designs. It's part of an all-new sound design language created to work seamlessly across multiple devices.

OPPO worked with professional music academies to develop top-class audio based on user preferences.

OPPO ColorOS Aquamorphic Sound Design

Want to take a trip to the Fairy Realm? Want to gaze at Shooting Stars? Want to bask in the Warming Sun? Whether you enjoy peace of mind or the beauty of nature, Aquamorphic Sound Style has a choice for everyone.

Display Your Way

Most estimations suggest people spend several hours a day looking at their phones. So, what do you want to see when you open up your device? Of course, you could choose a photo of a loved one for your wallpaper or background—always a great choice. However, if you prefer a more stylish and fluid option, we've got you covered.

With Aquamorphic Design, your backgrounds will adapt as the day goes by. In the morning, your theme colors will match warm sunrise tones. At night, the color palette turns darker, getting you ready for rest and relaxation. It's all about fluidity to give you a smarter and smoother experience. The updated Aqua Dynamics also enhances this effect. Bubbles, capsules, and panels expand from the status bar to present information in a way that naturally flows and merges. Different services can be displayed in different forms in the status bar, according to your preferences.

OPPO ColorOS Go Green AOD

Of course, old favorites such as Light and Dark Mode return, as well as classic AOD (Always On-Display) features. The all-new Go Green AOD, now in three distinct styles, shows your current step count and how it relates to a lower carbon footprint. Of course, Homeland AOD also returns from ColorOS 13 if you prefer to look at polar bears or penguins rather than the globe. Either way, there are some nifty customization options to help show you your positive environmental impact!

Layout Your Way

So, you've got your aesthetics sorted, but what about on the inside? Your phone is nothing without its apps, and the way you organize them can even say a lot about a person. Thankfully, ColorOS comes equipped with a host of tools designed to help you.

For those of you who like to stay on top of things, there's Large Folders, a feature that lets you group apps together and still open them in just one tap. It's great for those who like to color code or categorize for fast access. Add whichever widgets you want, and hey presto, you've got a layout that's starting to look exactly how you like it. You can even adjust the size and shape of app icons for extra personalization.

If you're a messy phone user who can't be bothered with all this, then you do you! But just so you know, you can also use Icon Autofill. This feature organizes your apps by order of download rather than randomly, so you can still find them quickly enough. Plus, there's a nice quality-of-life hack called Home Screen Layout, which lets you choose from a selection of preset organizational styles.

Other Ways Your Way

We've plundered a treasure trove of customization options, but there are still some hidden gems at the bottom of the chest. For example, did you know that on ColorOS 14, you can even choose your own refresh rates for specific apps? Based on your preference, select from 60Hz, 90Hz, or 120Hz. This means you can boost your gaming performance on one app and save some much-needed battery when using another.

OPPO ColorOS personalisation

Notes also got a revamp with ColorOS 14. With efficient new tools like Smart Image Matting and Smart Touch, you can select, drag, and drop cutouts into your note by tapping a screenshot. It's a cool way to add some individuality, whether you're making a collage, poster, or a visually enticing shopping list.

You should now know that your OPPO device with ColorOS is really your device. With this plethora of personalization options, you can make your smartphone experience whatever you want it to be. Check out some of our stunning devices and step into a world of customization.

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