What does your home screen say about you? 3 tips to organise your home screen

What does your home screen say about you? 3 tips to organise your home screen

The home screen of your smartphone is your gateway to limitless possibilities. There is an app for everything and everything is just a tap away. But how do you organise your home screen? Is it a colour-ordered oasis of calm, do you meticulously organise everything into folders, or would you rather describe your home screen as "organised chaos"?

Your home screen can give away a few things about what kind of person you are, and there are many different styles. We run through a few of them!

1. The minimalist

No cluttered home screen for you. The minimalist is completely satisfied with a minimal arsenal of apps. Calendar, Mail and, at most, a few of your favourite social media apps. ColorOS comes standard with all the essentials and that is more than enough for you.

What does this say about you? Your minimalist style is reflected in your clothing choices, with neutral tones and unbranded polos or t-shirts. Your home probably has plenty of open space, polished ceramic floors and a single-coloured eggshell-white interior. You appreciate the simple things.

The minimalist

2. The Zen master

You're not a big fan of app icons. You look at your home screen every day, so you want to make it beautiful and valuable. You hide everything in folders and strategically push them aside to do full justice to your home screen background. Maybe it's a loved one or a great holiday photo, or maybe the Blossom Wallpaper, which gives you real-time updates on your digital well-being.

These users are all about zen. You love the tranquillity of nature and can often be found outside on long walks. The apps you pushed aside? We wouldn't be surprised if there are meditation or yoga apps among them. Peace of mind is everything.

3. The color coder

Sorting by color is a popular style. Folders are organised purely by aesthetics: red, blue and yellow app icons are all grouped together. You make your home screen explode with colour like a painter's canvas (and you put "color" in "ColorOS").

We can safely assume that you not only sort your home screen by color, but also hang your clothes from dark to light in the wardrobe. And that wardrobe undoubtedly has some vibrant shades hanging in it. Forget the minimalist's neutral colours. You will walk out the door in purple, orange or the whole color spectrum.

4. The ultimate organiser

Move aside color coder, it's time for real organisation. If you belong to this archetype, you like to categorise and subcategorise. You organise your apps into folders by theme, such as finance, fitness and social media. You fly through your home screen because you know exactly what you want and how to find it.

Ultimate organisers are go-getters. You get up early, go for a morning run, eat a healthy breakfast and get ready for a productive day. At work, you transfer files from your smartphone to your PC using Multi-Screen Connect to organise them. When planning a trip, you're the one who books the flights, finds the hotel and plans the day. You take charge, and you love it.

5. The hoarder

There is an app for everything, and you take that literally. Downloaded a game ten years ago? Doesn't matter, it stays. A deserted social network? Might make a comeback soon. Downloaded an app by mistake? Maybe it's a hidden gem. The big folders in ColorOS 13 cater to your obsessive hoarding behaviour. Your home screen looks like a bazaar filled with all sorts of curiosities.

You see value in everything, big or small, and you don't want to let it go. That's not a bad thing. Your home probably looks a bit like your home screen, full of trinkets and unique memorabilia. You have a lot of interest and that makes you interesting.

The hoarder

6. The chaotic

The chaotic person is a close relative of the hoarder, but much more random. You constantly download new apps, without thinking much about it, and end up with a lot of clutter. But that doesn't bother you. You don't organise your home screen, but instinctively find what you're looking for. Thanks to ColorOS 13's Quantum Animation Engine, you switch between apps at lightning speed, so you never waste a lot of time if you do make a mistake switching apps.

You won't be bothered by life's worries. You enjoy the moment and don't want to be slowed down by everyday tasks. Carefree and easy, that's your philosophy. Great!

Still, if you would like to bring some order to the chaos, we have some tips below to tidy up your home screen.

Clean up your home screen with ColorOS

1. Grote mappen

Large folders are new in ColorOS 13. Even if you are not the ultimate organiser, large folders can help you create more space on your home screen. Group some apps as you like (by color, alphabetically, by category) and breathe a sigh of relief. Apps in a large folder can be tapped directly from the home screen, without opening the folder first.

2. Layout of the home screen

Here's a handy lifehack in ColorOS. Long press on the home screen, select 'Layout' and choose your favourite organisation style from a wide range of options. Try it out, see what you like most and ColorOS will do the rest.

3. Arrange icons automatically

If you are constantly downloading new apps, tidying up the home screen can be a chore. Choose 'Arrange icons automatically' to automatically sort apps in rows instead of scattering them randomly. When you drag an app to another screen, the icon is immediately placed on the next available space.

If nothing helps and you then resign yourself to a messy home screen, you can always use the ColorOS Drawer Mode to quickly search for the app you need.

Have fun organising your home screen!

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